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ロア X LOOLOWNINGEN&THE FAR EAST IDIOTS presents “ATTAK!” 1/20月&21火 新代田FEVER 通し券2500円(+各日1D) 各日前売1500円/当日1800円(+1D) ローソン、e+にて発売中 ローソンコード 74715 1/20月 2UP ARTLESS NOTE bahamaba LOA LOOLOWNINGEN&THE FAR EAST IDIOTS sajjanu ソコラノグループ +1 フード:お食事処あかい 1/21火 HOMMヨ BOSSSTON CRUIZING… Continue reading

07.28.(sun) forestlimit

2013/7/28(sun) at Forestlimit in Hatagaya Open 19:00 Start 19:30 1500yen 2up Jahiliyyah 碧衣スイミング (Aoi Swimming, ex-角煮) Umiuma (仙台) そして、鬼のDJ軍団。。 DJ Satoshi Yashiro DJ Masaru… Continue reading

Show in July

7/27(Sat) honeytone企画【手のひらの風景】 at 松本alecx open17:30 start18:00 door 1000(1drink別) act honeytone 2UP(東京) umiuma(仙台) Toriqumo padge ハナダイズ DJ BLACK ROCK

2up at bushbash on june 30

show in May

T-shirt for Korea Tour

Those will be for sale at 2up Korea tour! Please tell your friends to come to our shows in Korea, if you have friends there! DAY 1 : 2013 51+ PLUS FESTIVAL :… Continue reading

2up korea tour in May

” 2UP(FROM JAPAN) KOREA TOUR 2013″ 2013. 5. 4 – 5. 5 @ MULLAE ART SPACE, MUDAERUK DAY 1 : 2013 51+ PLUS FESTIVAL : 5.4 SAT @ MULLAE ART SPACE ( W/… Continue reading

April 28th (sun) at Music. Org in Ikebukuro

(flyer made by Yuma Suzuki) 4/28(sun) at Music. Org in Ikebukuro Tongues presents 「Zounds! What Sounds」 Open: 18:00 Start: 18:30 Adv: 1500yen Door: 1800yen (+1Drink) Tongues,Rebel and Summer,ReddTemple(from Fukushima),Triple Fire,2UP 詳細&予約のページはこちらをクリック!

next show as The Up

  3/24(日)ORPHEUS 柏 w/ L.F.Q., 3/24, 志茂田カゲッキーズ, THE UP(俵谷+中野 from 2up), Tron, Juan Pablo Villegas Start 17:00 Door 1000 yen *この日のライブは先着20名様限定です!!

Tron, Juan Pablo Villegas in Kashiwa