NTS playlist for Braindead x AIAIAI headphone


Braindead announced AIAIAI headphone collaboration featuring 2up cassette.
Currently it’s available at Dover Street Market in NY.

IMG_0388.jpg aiaiai_sample02


Playlist of Braindead x AIAIAI x Tetsunori
01: Styrenes: The Social Whirlpool
02: Shimettainu: She said Polico!
03: Skeptics: Aud Balmoral
04: Rafter: ;’;..”;..,
05: Null and Vold: Our New Life
06: Mermort: Disformation
07: Crash Course in Science: Factory Forehead
08: Ugly Girl: Bonsai Brain 3
09: Umiuma: Lion
10: Tussle: Meh-Teh
11: Alan Smithee’s Mad Universe: Sonic Pond
12: Gedo: Byunbyun
13: Feederz: Terrorist
14: Beautiful Mutants: Puppet House
15: Aoi Swimming: Shippaishita Shorthair
16: Obojeni Program: 981
17: Or Rathol Nok: Problems with Dapma the Darian
18: Typhus: Manbiki
19: Sad Horse: Soft Mommy
20: Sleetmute Nightmute: Night Of The Long Knives
21: Doo Rag: Mop Down
22: Borghesia: Brisk Vomit
23: Lake of Dracula: Piss II
24: Black Dice: Untitled 02
25: Saal2: Angst Vorm Tanzen
26: Renald and the Loaf: (Ventral) Fluorescent Showboat to Tangier
27: The Peppermints: Xnax Track 02
28: Nash The Slash: Metropolis
29: Moon Pool & Dead Band: Inches Of Mercury
30: Crash Worship: Procession
31: Mens Recovery Project: 700 Story Building
32: The Locust: #99
33: Kirkland, Graeme And The Wolves: Eating Little Red Riding Hood
34: Hide and Go Freak: Joined at the Meds
35: Gogogo Airheart: Survival
36: Get Hustle: Earth Odyssey
37: Gaseneta: Untitled
38: Bride of No No: Pools Of Mercury
39: Longmont Potion Castle: Squid Sandwich
40: Waikiki Champions: 20121230 One Cup
41: Voice Farm: Follow Me Home
42: Numb Turnpike: Daddy