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next show as The Up

  3/24(日)ORPHEUS 柏 w/ L.F.Q., 3/24, 志茂田カゲッキーズ, THE UP(俵谷+中野 from 2up), Tron, Juan Pablo Villegas Start 17:00 Door 1000 yen *この日のライブは先着20名様限定です!!

Tron, Juan Pablo Villegas in Kashiwa


This footage was filmed at Dandelion Cafe in Toride 2012.Black light live painting by Kalling. This is a rough cut version of newest track “IDEA”

Tron from Mexico

Our friend ALEX’s solo noise project TRON from Mexico is coming to japan in March. His tour date will be announced soon. Me and keiichi will be performing some of his shows as… Continue reading

2up is not active in February, and March

I’m unpleased to announce that we’re not going to play the show tonight at SOUP in Ochiai, due to the drummer’s health condition. Sorry to cause you the inconvenience, but we’re looking forward… Continue reading

aoba nu noise

今年最後のライブはこちら! aoba nu noise at club shaft 12/30(SUN) open 20:00 ADV/1,500yen(1D) DOOR/2,000yen(1D) live Act/ 2up -W-(Waikiki Champions) masaki saito DJs/ EVOL (from LoveRecords) RAMBO SISINOBU (ZUNDOKO DISCO/DAY ONE) SIF (CONTROL) KIYO (quantum) 仙台にいる人はぜひ遊びに来て下さい。

12/16(日)南池袋music org

12/16(日)南池袋music org “Ragne life 4” OPEN/START 18:30/19:00 Charge:adv1800 door 2000+1drink 500yen TACOBONDS THE WEDDINGS   2UP HELLO HAWK メール予約 東京では今年最後のライブになりそうです。 ぜひ遊びに来て下さい。

2up “ブロック” animation

Next show Sep 21st

“SUBMERGE” 9/21(fri) at BUSHBASH open19:00 start19:30 adv1500yen day1800yen(+1 drink order) live: おにんこ! 三沢洋紀と岡林ロックンロール・センター 2UP KURUU CREW lounge DJ: 福田教雄(Sweet Dreams Press)& はまちょう(Toad Records)

2up “恐怖症” animation